Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Terracycle Drink Pouch Lunch Box

Product to Review: Terracycle Drink Pouch Lunch Box
 Product Information:

Here are just a few quick facts about what 50 Million juice pouches is equal to:
TerraCycle makes this lunch box from waste drink pouch material. Every year, billions of drink pouches end up in dumpsters and landfills across America. Working with a brigade of school volunteers, TerraCycle diverts tons of waste juice pouches annually and donates 2 cents to a charity or non-profit for each pouch collected. The color of each lunch box will vary depending on the type of drink pouch used.

Surface area:

  • 125 x yellowstone
  • 9 x grand canyon
  • 2 x size of new jersey
  • 480 football fields

  • 75 hummers
  • 150 priuses
  • 41 elephants
  • 20 school buses

  • 807 mt everest's
  • 18,600 empire state buildings
Here are facts about how much CO2 was eliminated because 50 Million pouches were kept from the landfills:

The study finds that sending a single pouch to:

1. Landfill: results in emissions of 0.51g CO2 per pouch

2. Waste-to-Energy: results in net emissions of 6.33g CO2 per pouch (this includes the energy created)

3. Recycling: results in the elimination of 6.33g CO2 per pouch

4. Upcycling: results in the elimination of 192g CO2 per pouch.

This means, the total emissions prevented from being put into the atmosphere right now, at the Drink Pouch Brigade’s 50 Million mark, is between 347 tons (if all recycled) and an incredible 10,582 tons (if all upcycled).
50 Million Drink Pouches Redeemed Through TerraCycle Fund Local School Programs Nationwide.

My Opinion: I love that my Terracycle Drink Pouch Lunch Box is made of Recycled Drink Pouches! I also like that Terracycle has involved students in this process. My grankids love recycling so this is right up their alley. We received the red Terracycle Drink Pouch Lunch Box and of course, it is a big hit with them.

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DK said...

I love Terracycle! I haven't bought anything from them yet, but I know offices where they collect all their various containers and mail them in collectively.

Ara said...

Wow that's great. I think that's a good way to be more eco-friendly. I admire this stuff. Also when it comes to being green, I am also into stainless steel tiffin container, for it is an alternative to plastic bags. =)