Wednesday, April 4, 2012

NEW Q-tips Precision Tips cotton swabs

NEW Q-tips® Precision Tips™ cotton swabs! Designed with pointed tips at both ends and made from 100% pure cotton, this latest innovation is the ideal tool for every day tasks that require a little more precision.
Whether cleaning hard to reach spots or using Q-tips® Precision Tips™ as an alternative to a paintbrush for arts and crafts projects with kids, the uses for this new product are endless.

·       Celeb Makeup Artist, Mally Roncal of @MallyBeauty's tip for long-lasting lip color: Dip Q-tips® Precision Tips™ in powder foundation and apply along the lip line. The powder will help the lip color last all day!

·       Makeup Artist @MallyBeauty uses @Qtips Precision Tips™ dipped in powder foundation along the lip line to help lipstick stay put!  

·       Want to make your eyes look larger? @MallyBeauty dabs a little shimmer eye shadow in the inner corners of eyes with Q-tips® Precision Tips to cap off the look & make eyes appear larger!

·       Make eyes appear larger! Makeup Artist @MallyBeauty dabs extra shimmer shadow in the inner corners of eyes with @Qtips Precision Tips™.

·       You can create bold and beautiful nail designs at home! Celeb Makeup Artist @MallyBeauty fearlessly applies nail polish and cleans up the edges with Q-tips® Precision Tips & nail polish remover!

·       Fearlessly apply your favorite bold nail polish color! @MallyBeauty recommends cleaning up the edges w/ @Qtips Precision Tips & nail polish remover. 

·       Need to hide under eye circles? Celebrity Makeup Artist @Mally Beauty uses Q-tips® Precision Tips to precisely dab on three dots of concealer and blend in for a seamless finish. Voila!

·       Hide under eye circles! @MallyBeauty dabs 3 dots of concealer with @Qtips Precision Tips® & blends for a seamless finish!

·       Blemishes are bound to happen! @Mally Beauty knows how to conceal them: Dip one end of Q-tips® Precision Tips with an alcohol-free astringent and lightly dab on the blemish.  Use the other end to apply an oil-free concealer to keep the blemish hidden!

·       Mask that blemish! @MallyBeauty uses one end of @Qtips Precision Tips™ to dab on astringent and the other to apply concealer. 
Besides all the beauty tips there are so many other uses for Qtips Precision Tips. Here are just a few.
  • Use Q-tips® cotton swabs to wipe soap residue from faucet nooks & crannies in no time!
  • Wipe stubborn dried mud from the grooves of shoes with a Q-tips® cotton swab. They’re just the right size!
  • Clean the fuzz from the mesh over the air intake of hair dryer.
  • Wipe away any road salt, dirty snow, or ice that gets stuck in your dogs paws with Q-tips® cotton swabs for a comfortable pup and cleaner floor!
  • Great for the nooks on shower heads.
  • Use instead of small paint brushes.

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