Thursday, March 1, 2012

Funny Irish T-shirt from Foul Mouth Shirts Review

There are standard Irish t shirts and then there are Foul Mouth Shirts. If you really want to turn heads with your own special brand of wearing o’ the green, Foul Mouth Shirts won’t disappoint you. Founded over 10 years ago, in a garage Foul Mouth Shirts has grown rapidly to become one of the largest and most offensive t-shirt companies in the world today. They have shipped Tens of thousands of shirts everywhere in the world including Antarctica (seriously, there's a military base there).  With the advent of their wholesale program, their shirts can now be found in retail stores and shops all over the world including Canada, Guam, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York City, Atlanta, Australia, Norway, As well as ALL OVER THE U.S.!
This great country was founded with many great freedoms. Not the least of which was freedom of speech. But that freedom has recently been eroded due to the trendy, political correctness movement. The proponents of political correctness now attack any expression of speech they don't agree with as "HATE SPEECH". They seem to think that this type of speech should not be covered by our great constitution. Well let us be clear:  The founding fathers had no intention of protecting popular speech when they wrote The First Amendment. The had no intention of protecting such popular phases as "Butterflies are pretty" Or "i gotta go poo" Their intention was to protect OFFENSIVE speech... & that's where we come in. We're taking a stand here and now to protect your god given right of OFFENSIVE speech. We'll do the grunt work of standing up to the man. 

We received I'm Irish! Do I get a Free Beer? T-shirt in black and I was surprised at the quality of it. Most comical tshirts are very thin but this one from Foul Mouth Shirts was thick.

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