Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Contain This! Perfect Sandwich

Perfect Sandwich solves the problem of soggy, warm sandwich. It is a new lunch solution that lets you to separate the fresh ingredients from the bread while keeping it all cold to below 40 degrees F for 5 hours and under room temperature for up to 8 hours! The versatile FLEXtech divider pops down for a larger spaace to accomodate a full sandwhich or other meal item while still keeping the cooling properties. Perfect Sandwich retails for $19.99 and at a discount in a value pack of 4.

ContainThis Perfect Sandwich Demo from Dot Silo on Vimeo.
Use Perfect Sandwich with no worries about chemicals in the plastic—it’s BPA and phthalate free! Plus you can use it safely in the microwave, freezer and dishwasher. Perfect Sandwich meets FDA regulations for food grade plastic.
This really is awesome! I love it because everything is held in 1 container. Veggies goes in 1 area and bread goes in another. Everything stays nice, fresh, cold and not soggy, stale or hard.
 To use Perfect Sandwich:
  1. Add PerfectChill pack from freezer to bottom section, putting wet ingredients on top of it.
  2. Pop up the rubber divider to allow room for the fresh ingredients, push divider down to hold a full sandwhich.
  3. Close middle divider to seal in wet ingredients, then place bread on dry top section.
  4. Close entire container and secure the latch creating a water tight seal.
  5. Enjoy a cool, dry, fresh sandwich every time!
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CooL!!!! Where was that when I was a kid?

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CooL!!!! Where was that when I was a kid? @YouBrewMyTea