Tuesday, February 1, 2011

AllDaySlim ( Leptisol )

Product to Review: AllDaySlim Leptisol
Product Information: Many products have tried and failed to deliver Assam fruit in the way that MOST benefits the body. Leptisol is a patented delivery system that protects the Assam fruit and orange peel extract as it moves down your digestive tract and delivers maximum effects. This scientific breakthrough allows AllDaySlim to support weight loss while easily integrating into your daily routine and easy to simplify portion control

1.Drink plenty of water - some customers have reported headaches that went away after drinking more water. 
2. Don't mix supplements - while it isn't unsafe to mix supplements with AllDaySlim,  the product works best when taken separately. 
3. Some people may experience a slight orange taste an hour or so after taking AllDaySlim because of the presence of Orange Peel Oil (d-limonene) in the formula. 
4. They recommend taking 3 capsules an hour before breakfast and dinner. 
AllDaySlim is the first Assam Fruit extract to consistently reduce the action of the enzyme that turns carbohydrates to fat while also producing satiety to prevent overeating. It has no artificial or synthetic ingredients and contains
the natural extract of Assam Fruit which turns OFF hunger and turns ON fat burning. 100% Natural.
AllDaySlim enables your body to use fat for fuel, giving you consistent energy without any artificial stimulants (no peaks and crashes). AllDaySlim not only speeds up your metabolism, it also makes stored fat available to your body as fuel. AllDaySlim restores metabolic balance – allowing for peaceful, restful sleep.
My Opinion: The very first thing I noticed about AllDaySlim was my appetite was extremely suppressed. I loved it! No more cravings! I am down 3 pounds!   I haven't lost alot of weight but then again, I have only been taking them for 1 month.  That is just 1 month of using AllDaySlim too. Now 3 lbs may not seem like alot to lose to you but to me it was earth shattering! I have tried everything to lose those couple extra pounds but nothing has worked until now. . I have 9 grandchildren than I need to be in shape to chase them so I needed to inspire a healthy change and that change is AllDaySlim! 

I can't explain how strange it feels to not have a craving to eat the way I had been. I just know I love not eating all that extra food and not having a craving for it either.

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Mad Mind said...

I know what you are feeling. I need to lose more weight.

Sally Lee by the Sea said...

I'm a new follower from the Tuesday Train. Please come by and leave me a comment & I'd be glad to follow you back!

Thanks for the great info on this product.


yonca said...

I believe it's healthier than losing the most weight in a short amount of time..Great review!
I'm following your blog and on facebook now.Would love a follow back!
Happy Sunday!