Thursday, December 9, 2010

Miss Trimble's Trapdoor Books

Product to Review: Miss Trimble's Trapdoor Book(Series)
Product Information: Lori Jordan-Rice is a former elementary school teacher who taught in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area school districts for 10 years. 
Disappointed by the historical illiteracy rate among American children today, Jordan-Rice was determined to provide a resource to help kids learn the fundamentals of U.S. history in an exciting and engaging way. She has always loved to write, and has had the idea for a children's history series since college. 
Her children's book series "Miss Trimble's Trapdoor" is an imaginative new series featuring a classroom full of memorable modern day characters alongside historical figures such as the pilgrims, the founding fathers of the United States, and of course, Christopher Columbus.
Jordan-Rice based the main character Tyler loosely around her own oldest son who is a bit shy, and looked to all the students she has taught over the years as models for other characters with whom all kids could identify. Miss Trimble's classroom has a bully, a class clown, and a teacher's pet.
As an animal lover, Lori Jordan-Rice modeled the wise talking dog, Barnabas Bailey, after a beloved pet family pet. Barney the real beagle/terrier mix has since passed away, but lives on in the pages of the “Miss Trimble’s Trapdoor” books to teach children history and life lessons!

2010 Mom's Choice Award for Juvenile Book Series
2010 Best Books 2010 Awards for Children's Series

Tyler Thompson hates school.  He does not have many friends, and never knows the answers to any of Miss Trimble’s questions.  He usually ends up retreating to his quiet area in the back of the classroom so no one will bother him.  But one day, Tyler gets a big shock when his nervous foot tapping unlocks a secret trapdoor beneath his desk!  He discovers a dark and mysterious basement filled with old books guarded by a magical talking dog named Barnabas Bailey.  Now, with the help of the books and his guide, Barney, Tyler can travel to any time in the past to learn about history up close.  Maybe it’s not so bad to be Tyler Thompson after all…
The the story continues in the next book...Tyler Thompson is not looking forward to October.  He doesn’t know which will be worse:  trying out for the basketball team or giving an oral report about Christopher Columbus in front of the whole class!  But, he has a secret weapon:  the magic trapdoor beneath his school desk that lets him visit any time in history.  With his trusted canine guide, Barnabas Bailey, Tyler travels back in time and sets sail aboard the Santa Maria with Columbus himself.  When he sees all the setbacks even a great explorer can face before reaching his goal, Tyler knows he can’t give up.  Can he make the team and deliver an awesome report?  One thing is for sure:  he won’t stop trying.

My Opinion: My grandson and granddaughter just loved these books! They are very educational and inspirational.

Both of the grandkids talked to each other about what they had read. I highly recommend Miss Trimble's Trapdoor Book!

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