Saturday, September 11, 2010

Baby GoGo Goes Home Doll Set

Product to Review: Baby GoGo Goes Home Doll Set

Product Information:
Baby GoGo™ is reinventing the look of the baby doll for the 21st century. Outfitted in bright, gender-neutral colors and patterns, our 13-inch doll is the perfect playmate for a girl or a boy, and like most children today is bright and on the move. Dolls are a valuable tool for teaching nurturance. We, at Little Sib, strongly believe that children will more readily attach to a doll that reminds them of their own special world.

Every child should have the opportunity to learn to nurture. By removing the traditional ruffles and pastel pink and blue, Little Sib is working to remove gender-bias in toys. Baby GoGo™ meets toy safety requirements and is packaged in recycled materials, helping to make it a purchase to feel good about.

Welcome home Baby GoGo™! This adorable 13-inch baby doll comes dressed in soft, cozy pajamas and a hat. Children can tuck Baby GoGo™ in with a warm blankie included. This wonderful gift set also comes with an adorable story book following Baby GoGo's experience coming home from the hospital, from meeting the family to having a bottle, and earning a nickname. Dressed to mirror a modern day baby, children will instantly recognize and bond with this toy. Whether the child is getting ready for a new sibling or just loves baby dolls, Baby GoGo™ is a valuable tool in teaching children how to nurture, a vital life-long skill.

* Ages 3 and up
* Includes 13-inch baby doll, pajama outfit, blankie and Baby GoGo™ Goes Home storybook.

 Diaper Bag

When Baby GoGo™ is on the go, children will be right there with everything baby might need. Our 100% cotton canvas diaper bag is just the right size for children to carry. Children love to imitate their parents and this diaper bag is the perfect tool. The bag includes a cotton diaper and has plenty of room for children to add their own essentials.

* Ages 3 and up
* Includes diaper bag and diaper

My Opinion: My granddaughter just loves her new Baby GoGo! Her mommy is pregnant so she is learning how to hold the baby's neck, pack a diaper bag and even change her new baby like her mommy will be doing in less than a month. When I asked her if it was a boy or a girl, she said "It's just a baby like mommy has in her tummy, we don't know yet". I can't say enough good things about Baby GoGo.  I am very pleased!

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***Please note that I received no form of monetary compensation for this post. I did receive the products described above. This is a fair and honest review. The opinions expressed in this review are my own and were not influenced in any way. ***


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jamfiescreations1 said...

Cute dolly.

Could you please email me your mailing address, so that I can send you your prize.

Thanks, Mary O

Lolly Jane said...

what a great idea, my son loves to play "mom & dad" with his older sis and gets teased by his boy cousin!

thanks for visiting, am your newest follower!


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Crystal said...

Isn't Baby GoGo Great! We love ours

Amber said...

I think all kids go through a stage where they want to take care of things so this is great. :) I'm glad your granddaughter loves it! In a year or two I'll be looking for toys just like this for my niece!

demmi said...

the baby doll is adorable

Misfit Momma aka Missy said...

This is such a great idea, looks like it is the perfect size for my toddler too!

Katie said...

Love the idea that it comes with a little story book - Great review!

Mary said...

that is cute.

Mary said...

that is cute.